The members and personnel of VKW Construction, LLC have over 40 years of combined experience in the construction industry specializing in all forms of construction ranging from office condominiums, retail shopping centers, telecom facilities, hotels, churches, restaurants and tenant improvements.

Founding members Keith Wilson and Troy Witherwax are involved in all aspects of our projects to insure that our clients are satisfied with the finished product. Keith oversees marketing, estimating and daily project management, remaining personally involved to ensure project delivery on time. Troy directs the financial and operational activities of VKW and is integral in the management and delivery of projects within budget.


VKW Construction, L.L.C. pursues the quality goal of meeting the customer's needs in a way that exceeds the customer's expectations.

VKW Construction, L.L.C. is committed to process improvements, advanced production methods and employee training on continuous improvement to build the service quality they provide to each and every customer, knowing that customers generally have a tendency to compare the service they experience with the service they expect. If the experience does not match the expectation, a gap is created. VKW Construction L.L.C. strives to eliminate any possible gaps by focusing on: reliability, responsiveness, competence, access, courtesy, communication, credibility, security, and understanding the customer.

Keith Wilson

Keith Wilson is a founding member and President of VKW Construction, L.L.C. He is responsible for marketing, estimating and pre-construction coordination. His experience working in both the public and private sectors of the construction industry has established a strong background in the management of all types of construction.

Mr. Wilson has worked in Arizona, California, Texas, Washington, Nevada and Hawaii over the past 30 years in both the general contractor and subcontractor capacity in the residential and commercial sectors of the industry. This experience has provided him the challenging opportunity of becoming knowledgeable in all aspects of project construction and has allowed him to develop a solid decision making ability and management style. His reputation for being able to successfully manage multiple large projects is well earned.

Troy Witherwax

Troy L. Witherwax is a founding Member and Vice President of VKW Construction, L.L.C. He is responsible for establishing goals, developing policies and procedures, and directing the operations and growth of the company, while maintaining its high standards of quality and professionalism.

Mr. Witherwax has more than 30 years of construction experience working in various parts of the southwestern United States and Hawaii. He has gained extensive experience during the construction of large commercial and residential projects including resort hotels, office buildings and housing projects. His “hands on” involvement begins in the design phase and continues through estimating, project management and contract completion. In addition to his construction experience,. His responsibilities included monitoring all construction of the project along with managing all general contractors working on the project which included mediating issues between all parties.

Kenny Sumner

Kenny Sumner is the General Manager/Construction Manager at VKW Construction, LLC and has been with the company since 1998. He is responsible for the coordination and management of all on-site personnel and construction/renovation activities. Kenny is an accountable leader who ensures each project that he supervises is executed within established guidelines. His extensive background as a skilled craftsman exemplifies his understanding of field operation, planning and management.

Mr. Sumner has over 25 years of experience working in the construction industry, both in the field and the office supervising several multi-million dollar projects. He is seasoned in the supervision of projects and researching and complying with varying governing authorities in each city. Throughout this experience, he has developed into a resourceful, reliable construction manager possessing excellent problem solving skills and displays polished interaction with owners as well as subcontractors.

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